What to Expect

Here is an overview of the process you can expect when you choose The Builders for your next construction or remodeling project.

1. Initial Meeting

Call for an initial meeting where owner, Greg Rogers, will stop by to meet you and learn about the project you are planning.

2. Design Options

We will recommend whether to hire an architect for preliminary and/or construction drawings that may be needed. We can handle some design build options as well.

3. Free Estimate

With an adequate scope in mind, which may or may not require preliminary design drawings, we will put together a free estimate for your viewing soon after those initial meetings.

4. Finalize Details

Upon the homeowners accepting the terms laid out in our estimate, we will commence with construction drawings (if needed). A contract will be created to define a start and end date, more detail of what is to be accomplished, and a payment schedule. We will ensure the payment schedule is proportionate to what materials are purchased and delivered as well as the amount of work accomplished.

5. Work Begins

Once the details are finalized, we'll begin building or remodeling your home. Everyone on the job is thoroughly professional and mindful of your privacy and your property. Throughout the entire process, you will have access to us. If you have any questions or concerns, you’ll find open and frequent communication as we work to complete the project to your satisfaction.

6. Completion

We pride ourselves on completing your project on time and delivering an exceptional final product that you will be completely satisfied with and enjoy for years to come!